Flying into Cuba

Cuba is becoming a very popular international destination as result of the resent diplomatic relations improvement with the United States. More charter and private flights are arriving into the Cuban airports especially in the airport Jose Marti in Havana.

To operate in Cuba may be complex due to the internal regulations and lack of airports infrastructure. It is important to mention that none of the 10 international Cuban airports have FBO facilities. Airport Jose Marti in Havana is the most visited with commercial and private flights. This airport has 5 terminals, terminal 1, 2 & 3 are in use for international and domestic commercial flights, terminals 4 & 5 are used for charter and private flights.

Our services

We offer integral services for any air operator flying to Cuba, some to mention:

  • Landing & Overflight permits
  • Slot coordination
  • Fuel
  • Handling
  • Airport fees payment
  • Catering
  • VIP service
  • Ground transportation
  • Hotac
  • AOG coordination

Airports coverage

We provide personalized assistance at any Cuban international airport. Many years of experience and excellent relations with local providers permit us to provide the best on time service along the island.


We partner with Cuban local companies for the best and timely services, for Representation, Supervision, fuel, handling, catering, among other activities that any air operator is expecting to receive.

Fact Sheet for U.S general aviation

Download our complete fact sheet if you are planning to fly to Cuba from any U.S airportĀ 

Fact Sheet Cuba.PDF